December 2016 Newsletter

Get 2016 Tour Prices until January 1st

2017Keep in mind that our prices will increase slightly beginning on January 1st.
So, lock in our 2016 prices (for a 2017 tour) by getting us your deposit in before then.
To do that, simply send us an email and we’ll mail you a payment link to pay by credit card.

Strong Dollar

strong-dollarIf you’ve got US dollars, then Switzerland hasn’t been cheaper since back in 2011.
At the yesterday’s close, the USD was worth 1.03.
Let’s hope it keeps going up.

The Winter Kit has Arrived

This is the first winter ensemble we’ve made since
Everything is here and if you’re living in Switzerland there is still time for Christmas delivery.
The sizes correspond to our Helvetia and Prime jerseys. Otherwise, take a look at the sizing chart on the product page.
We ordered very limited numbers of each size and don’t plan to re-order, so this is your last chance !
You’ll find all of those products here.

New Videos

We’re working with a new production team to get out better promotional videos faster.
We’ve got other new videos up and have plans to release another 5 to 10 before April.
Check out our youtube page here. And please subscribe if you’ve got an account !

adminDecember 2016 Newsletter