What is the Geneva Crown ?

Geneva is a cycling paradise.

With the Jura to the north and the Alps to the south, advanced riders have a choice of mountain ranges to explore as well as plenty of flat riding along the lake.

Riders new to Geneva, often don’t know where to begin. We therefore invented the “Geneva-Crown”, four of Geneva’s best rides for advanced cyclists.

If you complete the four routes in one season, you’ve done the “Geneva Crown”.

Would you like free turn-by-turn navigation of these routes for your cellphone ?

  • Create an account on ridewithgps.com
  • Download the RidewithGPS application to your cellphone
  • Write to info@bikeswitzerland.com to request an invitation for the “Geneva Crown”.
  • Click the invitation link from your cellphone and the application will open to give you turn-by-turn routing for each of these rides.
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